Dry waterless machine pedicure is a professional foot treatment, using special high-speed machine with millers. Pedicure performed with professional and certified instruments is more precise and gentle and also suitable for the high risk group of population, especially for patients suffering from diabetes.

Advanteges of the treatment:

  • painless and bloodless treatment
  • without any risk of infection and skin and nails fungal diseases
  • upper standard nail treatment
  • precise removing of calloused skin

Process of the treatment:

  • feet disinfection
  • removing nail polish if needed
  • cuticle treatment, nail trimming and grooming
  • application of antifungal products and nourishing oil for nails
  • removing of calloused skin, callosity
  • final treatment by using a cream or foam



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Lycon is Australia´s #1 worldwide leader in hair removal by wax established in 1978. It is the only wax which has received the ISO certification.

Using Lycon waxes is less painful comparing to classic waxes or sugar paste besides that, the hair can be removed thoroughly from already the lenght of 2 mm. Formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, with ingredients of aloe vera, azulene, chamomile, lavender or rose making the wax perfect for the sensitive skin. This is one of the reasons why Lycon is used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman or Sienna Miller.

These waxes are different in how they react with the skin. Perfect protection of the skin during the treatment is ensured by unique technology of carbon dioxide. The mix of wax and oil protects and nourishes the skin, reduces the feel of pulling and pain. It makes the skin smooth without hair and irritation.

Lydia Jordan, Australian by Greek origin, stands behind this amazing story of creating cream waxes. Lydia could not find any wax on the market which would fully meet her and her clients expectations. Cosmetic manufacturing has been a family concern, therefore a logical solution was to make a tailored-made wax. After a great amount of research Lydia created her first wax in secret on the family kitchen stove. Her first experiments were done on her own and after many attempts the first great product was made. She sold it to other salons. It didn't take long and demands for LYCON wax was spreading through-out the whole Australia. Shortly after that orders were coming from different parts of the world. Today LYCON waxes are being used in 65 countries.


  • abrasion, open wounds, fungus infection, psoriasis, eczema, birthmarks
  • alergies on products (e.g. bees wax), latex
  • blood coagulability disorder
  • raised varicose veins
  • patients suffering from diabetes

Follow-up 24-48 hours treatment after waxing:

Need to avoid:

  • hot shower, bath, sauna
  • suntan products or suntan spraying, UV radiation, tanning salon
  • using other products instead of the recommended ones
  • exercise or swimming – excessive sweating blocks the pores which can cause inflammation
  • skin exfoliation, not sooner than 72hours after waxing